The Fairways Clubhouse is available for all Fairways occupants to use for personal events.  There is no fee for the use of the Clubhouse, due to this, we appreciate your cooperation in implementing the list below following your event at the Clubhouse.  If clean up is required by the Association the reservation's unit owner will be assessed clean-up costs.
Often many disposable items, like silverware, napkins, cups, plates, Coffee, Keurig Cups, soda (sometimes), Salt and pepper are present.  Please replace what you consume.
  • All dishes clean and put away

  • Sink clean

  • If water splashed on window - clean window

  • Wipe off countertops

  • Stovetop/oven turned off

  • Stovetop/oven clean

  • Coffee Maker turned off

  • Coffee Maker clean

  • All personal food removed from refrigerator/freezer

  • Refrigerator/freezer doors closed securely

  • Sweep with broom and use wet swiffer to clean floor

  • Dispose of garbage and put clean bags in the waste cans

  • If using Clubhouse towels/dishcloths please take home to wash and return as soon as possible

  • Turn off lights



  • Sweep with broom and use wet swiffer to clean floors

  • Sinks clean

  • If water splashed on mirror - wash mirror

  • Clean toilets

  • Make sure toilet paper is replenished

  • Make sure paper towels for drying hands are replenished

  • If water fountain outside restrooms was used - wipe excess water off

  • Turn off lights



  • Wipe off all tables/chairs/TV trays that have been used

  • If square tables have been used, without a tablecloth, clean any crumbs from crevices on top

  • If fingerprints are on windows (especially front door) clean windows

  • Make sure TV is turned off

  • In winter the furnace should be turned down to 60º when vacating the Clubhouse

  • In summer the air conditioner should be in the off position when vacating the Clubhouse

  • The fan/lights/switch (to the right of the kitchen door) should remain on - all other lights should be turned off

  • Carpet and entrance mat should be vacuumed



  • Use broom to sweep any debris that may have been tracked onto front porch

  • Lock front door upon vacating - put in code/turn lock to the right/wait for red light to appear - make sure door is locked

                                                    If you have read and agree to the above regulations please proceed to                                                               

Click here for a printed copy of the Clubhouse Checklist.