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Paying Assessments

The Fairways Assessments are collected by a Certified Public Accountant and are due the first of each month. 

Checks and payments should be made to "Fairways Condominium Association"  mailed to:

McDaniel CPA

attention: Renee McDaniel

20 W Ohio AVE

Mount Vernon, OH 43050

For any payment questions please use the The Fairways Request Form

Automatic payments may be set up through your bank.

McDaniel's web address is

McDaniel's phone number is (740) 397-1721

Assessment Collection Policy

The Fairways Assessment Collection Policy was adopted unanimously by The Fairways Board of Directors on July 16, 2019

  • Over 10 days Late a friendly reminder and $10.00 assessment charge

  • Over 60 days Late a Final Demand Notice and $50.00 assessment charge each month PLUS 8% interest

  • Over 90 days Late a Final Demand Notice and $50.00 assessment charge each month PLUS 8% interest AND Board of Directors may file a Lien

Detailed ​Assessment Collection Policy.

Assessment Determination

The Fairways Budget is determined by the Board for The Association's fiscal year (June 1st to May 31st) and each home's fee is based on two components:

  • Square Footage Component

  • Shared Expense Component

Square Footage Component

Based on the unit's Square Footage Component Assessment is based on the Model Type and is the sum of the budget's:

  • reserve contribution

  • maintenance expense

  • insurance expense

divided by the total square footage (152,734) of all homes to determine the budget cost per square foot.

Shared Expense Component

Shared Expense Component of a homes's Assessments is the remainder of the budget divided by the number of units (94).

Current Assessments

The Current (Effective June 1, 2022) monthly Assessments for each Model Type is:

  • D Models: $ 532.00

  • C Models: $ 380.00

  • Other Models: $ 318.00

Any Questions or Comments on Fees please use the Request Form.

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