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Landscaping is included in the Association fees. Landscaping consists of mowing (every Thursday weather permitting), edge trimming, mulching, insect and fertilizer treatments, and trimming of trees/bushes.  Hand-pulling of weeds is not included in the landscaping services. 

We encourage planting of flowers by residents in the limited common mulched areas around homes, attention must be given to any overgrowth of any perennials.

Homeowners and/or occupants are encouraged to water the lawn and shrubbery surrounding their units when rainfall is scarce. 

The Fairways Landscaping Recommendations

The Fairways Landscaping Recommendations is to serve as a guideline to provide the flexibility and cooperation required for Condominium Living.

The Fairways Landscaping Recommendations cover the restrictions that should be used for The Fairways and on Unit Owners.

Unit Mulched Area

Unit Mulched Area is the mulched area which is in contact to the Unit. Reasonable planting may only be done within the Unit Mulched Area. Any other planting must be done only after obtaining written approval from the Board of Directors.


For centuries, American home architecture has included a series of foundation shrubs (or bushes) around homes to cover up the masonry foundation and the cellar windows. Few of the foundation plants are appropriate for the purpose. Typically, they grow too large, and often are planted too close together and too close to the house.

Shrubs and may be planted as long as they are appropriate for the Unit Mulched Area. As an example;
planting a young shrub just two feet from the house, even though it will be 8 feet wide at maturity in a few short years would not be appropriate.

Shrubs must be planted at least 18 inches away from the Unit, Lawn, walkway, roadway, driveway or equipment.


Trees are only planted with written approval from Board of Directors.


Any plant that is encroaching on a Unit, the lawn, walkways, roadways, driveways or equipment must be pruned or removed.

Any plant that obstructs visibility for safe vehicle or pedestrian traffic must be pruned or removed.

Plants should be pruned to be not less than 12 inches from any Unit structure, lawn, walkway, roadway, driveway or equipment and must not come in contact with Unit structure.

Any plants that require pruning as described above may be pruned by The Fairways or the unit occupant.

General Guidelines

Do NOT plant any invasive plant species as determined by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Avoid any contact of dirt, mulch, or plants with the Unit siding or stone or brick facade.

Any vine and “creeping” type plants should be avoided.

Avoid wooden materials within any mulched areas as these may serve as food for termites

Avoid frequently spraying water against any part of the Unit.

Any plantings that require the Association to pay additional costs for maintenance will be assessed to the Unit Owner.

Recommended Landscape Shrubs

In order to be able to properly maintain the landscaping the Board of Directors has created a list of The Fairways Recommended Shrubs for planting in and around the Unit.

Any plantings not on The Fairways Recommended Shrubs for planting require approval from the Board of Directors.


Should there be any questions please use The Fairways Request Form.

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