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Exterior of the home

Please do not attach anything to or create any openings in the exterior of the buildings or roofs without obtaining written permission form The Fairways Board of Directors

Private single family dwellings

Satellite Dishes

Satellite dishes must not be more than 18 inches in diameter and have Board approval as to location. No dishes will be installed on any roof.

The Fairways home should only be used as private single family dwellings. No commercial traffic is permitted.

No Structures

No trailer, tent, shack, garage, or accessory building, shall be used on the The Fairways at any time as a residence or for storage, either temporary or permanent

No Open Fires

No open fires shall be permitted on any part of the common or limited common areas.

Unhealthy Activity

No noxious or offensive activity, or nuisance of any kind, shall be committed or maintained on any part of the condominium porperty. (Disputes will be decided by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.)

Commercial Activity

No commercial activity shall be conducted in, upon, or within any part of the condominium property.

Request for alterations

Requests for alterations or improvements of a unit's limited common area that an owner desires and is willing to finance shall be submitted in writing and presented to the Board of Directors.  Plans should be included if necessary.  The Board of Directors will give written confirmation/rejection of the request.  All owners are advised to retain copies of any requests made and Board's decision.

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