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  • Is there extra parking available for guests?
    Most homes have appropriate parking within garages or driveways. ​Additional guest parking spaces are available throughout the condominium property.
  • What about insurance?
    The Fairways provides insurance for the common areas. Homeowners must have liability insurance and are responsible for insuring the inside of the home.
  • Is there lighting in The Fairways?
    Original yardlights are on 24/7 and serve as lighting throughout The Fairways.As the yardlights are replaced they will be sensored to only be on at night.
  • Do you need to use a specific Television/Internet/Phone service?
    You may use whatever company you want for your service. Satellite dishes must not be more than 18 inches in diameter and have Board approval as to location. Dishes must not be installed on the roof.
  • Can you have yard/home decorations or signs in The Fairways?
    Seasonal decorations are permitted - NO inflatable decorations, please. All decorations must be limited to the mulch area, not in the yard.
  • Are solicitors allowed in The Fairways?
    The Fairways is private property and solicitors are not allowed.
  • Are pets allowed?
    A limit of 2 common household/domestic pets are allowed in one residence. Pets must be leashed and supervised at all times when outdoors.
  • Can you lease your condo?
    Units may not be leased until the owner has occupied the unit for a minimum of 24 consecutive months. Leases must be for a minimum of 12 months.
  • What about shopping?
    The Fairways is conveniently located to a large variety of stores.
  • Is there a swimming pool or workout area?
    The Fairways does not have a swimming pool or a workout area on the property. However, the city's Hiawatha Water Park is 1 mile from The Fairways and there are exercise facilities within a mile from The Fairways. A great source of exercise is taking a walk around The Fairways!
  • Do you receive golfing privileges?
    There are no golfing privileges associated with owning a condo at The Fairways. Some of the condos have beautiful views of the golf course. You are welcome to stop by Vernon View Golf Course and inquire about memberships.
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