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Recommended Suggestions for Unit Owners
  • Have your HVAC system checked for operation and filter exchange in the Spring and Fall.

  • Depending on the frequency of your clothes dryer use, check vent pipe for lint build up.

  • If you attach a garden hose to your outside spigot, remove the hose prior to winter freeze.

  • Periodically, check the valves in your commode tanks for proper operation (leaks).

  • Save gas by only leaving your fireplace pilot on during the winter.

  • Don't store flammable liquids inside your home.

  • Insure that smoke detectors operate & batteries are replaced when they "beep".

  • If you have a sump pump in your basement that doesn't routinely come on, check that it is operating correctly by pouring water in it.

  • At least once a year clean the coil areas of your refrigerator.

  • If when you plug an electrical appliance into a socket your circuit breaker goes off, have an electrician check it to eliminate a hazard.

  • If you cannot observe who is knocking at your door or ringing your door bell, consider having a peep hole installed in your door.

  • Have a flashlight available near your bed. (check its operation)

  • Align yourself with a neighbor so they can watch your place when you are gone; leave a key with them so if you are gone for a long period of time your unit can be checked for any eventualities.

  • Know where your unit water shut off valve is located and how to operate the valve.

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