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DIAL 911

For any emergency, Dial 911

No Security Service

The Fairways has no regular security service.

See Something -- Say Something

If you see something you know shouldn't be there or someone's behavior that doesn't seem quite right say something.

You know what is normal around our neighborhood as you see it everyday.  An alert community plays a critical role in keeping all of us safe.

For any emergency, Call 911.  For non-emergencies, contact a neighbor or member of The Fairways Board of Directors.

Long Term Absences

For long term absences, ask a neighbor/family member/friend to monitor your unit, and/or give them access to a key. And please notify The Fairways Board of Directors of any arrangement you make.

It is suggested that you turn off all water and electrical appliances when gone for an extended time.

In case of an emergency, a unit may be entered when two members of The Fairways Board of Directors are present and have access to a key.

The Mount Vernon police have a pre-arranged 'house watch' program. If you are using this service, please notify The Fairways Board of Directors so they are aware of the increased police activity.

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