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Vehicles, Speed, Signs
Please Obey Traffic Signs

The maximum vehicle speed is posted near the entrance to The Fairways and is 20 miles per hour. Please observe this speed for your safety as well as the safety of others.

Several of our homeowners walk on our streets, and we want to do everything possible to avoid accidents.

Also, please observe stop signs located in The Fairways.​


Most homes have appropriate parking within garages or driveways. ​Additional guest parking spaces are available throughout the condominium property. Please make use of them when having events at your unit.


Temporary street parking

  • should be done only for brief periods

  • must be done as to not impede traffic

  • is permitted only on one side of the street.

Please do not park on any grass.

Recreational Vehicles, Boats, etc.

Recreational vehicles, boats, or trailers, campers, etc. may be parked up to 48 hours for the purpose of general maintenance, loading, and unloading.

Otherwise they should be within a private garage.

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