We provide some simple, not legal, definitions to try to help your understanding.

Common Elements

Common Elements are those parts of a condominium complex that belong to all owners. With a few exceptions, they constitute everything except the homes in which people live and Limited Common Elements.
Some examples are the:

  • The land for the Common Elements

  • The Clubhouse

  • The Sidewalks

  • The Roadways

  • The Parking Areas

  • The Yards

  • The Planting Areas

  • The Roofs

  • The structural members of supporting walls, fixtures, and other parts of the buildings which are within the boundaries of the units but which are necessary for the existence support, maintenance, safety, or comfort of any other part of the Condominium Property;

  • All other parts of the Condominium Property situated outside of the Unit Boundaries which are NOT otherwise designated herein as Limited Common Elements or Limited Exterior Service Facilities.

  • Central services, including, but not limited to, power, light, gas, cable and water

Limited Common Elements

Limited Common Elements are are reserved for the exclusive use of the unit from which there is direct access and typically implies:

  • the exterior door sills

  • stoops

  • patios

  • porches

  • decks

  • garages

  • driveways and sidewalks that are reserved for the exclusive use of the unit from which there is direct access.

Limited Exterior Service Facilities

Are all plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, and other utility or sendee fixtures, compressors, equipment, tanks, lines, pipes, wires, ducts, and conduits which are designed to serve only one unit but which are situated outside the boundaries of Unit.


Boundaries of Unit

The boundaries of Units are the interior surfaces of the perimeter walls, floors, and ceilings and the necessary repair, maintenance, and replacement of all windows, screens, and doors, including the frames, sashes, and jambs and the hardware therefore.